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Sustainably designed and mindfully made, Stone.kin creates garments worthy of your trust. Using only natural and organic materials sourced from the most reputable suppliers of our industry, stone.kin is comfortable without compromise. Everything we make, we wear ourselves – every day. When worn so close to your skin, we recognise the importance of getting it right.

Since our inception, we’ve been led by a love for design, love for comfort, and love for the ordinary pleasures that make up a life. Over the years, we’ve gathered an intentional community who all share the simple belief that a good day starts with good underwear. Donning the day’s first article of clothing should spark pleasure, intention, and joy – feelings that permeate the following hours and empower you to live with presence. 


Stone.kin is a potent synthesis of good design, clean ethics, and organic cotton. With mindfulness as our guide, our mission is centred around the essence of what it means to be at home in our skin. We create with a sincere endeavour to fulfil, to enhance, and to elevate because we believe that thoughtfully-made essentials improve our lives. For those who seek to keep the beautiful and the personal close at hand, Stone.kin is devoted to your ritual – regardless of what form it takes.