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Need a Birthday or Christmas Gift for One of the Women in Your Life? Start Browsing Stonemen's Online Store in Australia

It's a few weeks out from Christmas, and you're still blanking on what to buy your girlfriend. Your wife's birthday is in a few days, and you need one more gift to close your shopping. Your anniversary is coming up, and you're drawing a blank on what would make a great and a unique gift for the woman you love.

If you find yourself facing any of these scenarios, then head to Stonemen's online store today. We love helping our shoppers find perfect birthday gifts for women in our online Australia store. Launched in 2007 with the goal of making underwear more comfortable, more durable and more visually striking, Stonemen continues to specialise in graphic undergarment designs that are unlike anything from any other underwear brand in the world. There's a reason that, with less than a decade under our belt, we have already established a global presence.

Deciding on a Theme: Choosing the Underwear Design That the Woman in Your Life Will Appreciate

One of the fun things about shopping for women's Christmas gifts at Stonemen's Australia online store is that you can choose from a range of fun visual themes when picking out bras or briefs. Each item is unique and striking, created by one of our partner artists. It is, of course, up to you which theme and design are most likely to match your lady's tastes, but we like to think that you can't go wrong!

Here are the themes we currently offer in women's underwear:

  • Lion: This design boasts meticulously drawn images of the true King of the Jungle! Available in bralette and brief variations.
  • New York: A stunning design—available as a bralette, brief, or cheeky brief—that displays part of the New York City skyline. The original painting depicts the famed Chrysler Building—arguably the most beautiful building in New York.
  • Shady Palms: Readymade for a vacation to an exotic locale, this graphic is bedecked with serene palm fronds and comes as a bralette, brief or cheeky brief.
  • Forest: One of our many designs inspired by the earthy tones and freedom of the natural world, this deep forest design comes as a cheeky brief.
  • Hibiscus: A painting of a cresting wave as seen from a secluded beach, Hibiscus is a cheeky brief design that is perfect for summertime.
  • Ocean or Sunset: Two more designs that reflect the feel of looking out at the water—one during the day and one at sunset. Sunset comes as a cheeky brief, while Ocean is available as a cheeky brief and a regular brief.
  • Paris or Los Angeles: New York isn't the only city represented by Stonemen themes. Paris and L.A. also get the honour—both as cheeky briefs and standard briefs.
  • Horses or Ducks: For the animal lovers, these brief/cheeky brief designs show horses galloping together in a group and ducks flying over the water, respectively.
  • Skulls: A surrealist Day of the Dead feel defines this design, available as both briefs and cheeky briefs.

Need Help Picking the Right Design? Get in Touch Today

Do you need help finding the right women's birthday gift online in Australia? Start browsing the Stonemen website today. You can see photos of each of the design themes discussed above, to get a sense of which you prefer. If you need assistance picking out the right women's birthday or Christmas gifts from our online Australia store, feel free to get in touch with us directly, at