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Time to Dump the Old School Briefs, Australia. Upgrade to Men's Boxer Shorts and Buy Online

Let's get one thing straight; we have nothing against fashionable men's briefs. A quick look through our product selection will reveal we have a rather hip collection of men's briefs available online. Old-school tighty-whities, though? These are the enemy of style, and though nearly every man alive has donned a pair at some point in their life, it's high time to vanquish this foe and upgrade to something much cooler. Our recommendation? Men's boxer briefs or shorts. Let's take a look at just a few of the many reasons why designer briefs and men's boxer shorts outclass the ageing and obsolete tighty-whities.

The Infinite Superiority of Men's Boxer Briefs

Let's get right into the particulars. When you browse around for a pack of "basic" men's tighty-whities, what's one of the first things you notice? That's right, "basic" is right there in the title. As in, "this is the base level of quality that we can get away with, and by golly that's exactly what we're going to do". Why do you think that they're bundled in groups of 5, 6, sometimes seven up? Because they're about quantity, not quality.

The packaging that you get them in is nothing special, and little care has been put into how they've been bundled. When you finally get them out, they're rolled up on the sides, crinkled even. Insulting. Now you go to try them for size. The elastic is loose, and what's this? They don't fit right!? You could have sworn you bought the right size. What gives? You got the "right" size, but they changed their sizing charts without telling anyone. Tough luck.

You trudge on, deciding to make the most of what you've got. They're not the most comfortable pair of underwear, but you make it work. Let's fast forward to after a wash or two. You're starting to see holes. The tighty-whities are falling apart, and all you did was run them through a gentle rinse cycle. Hardly what anyone would call an ideal experience.

Now, let's look at some quality men's boxers that you got online from Australia's very own Stonemen. Far from basic, we provide "essential" men's briefs and boxers. From the packaging alone you can tell that these are special. When you try them on, you are treated to a perfect fit that feels amazing. You go to wash them, and they're just as good as before. Why can't all of your underwear be like this?

Get Your Men's Boxer Shorts Online from Australia's Finest

They can, when you choose the quality supplier whose mission it is to provide the best underwear you can get for the best values around. For years we've been changing the way people think about underwear, and we're just getting warmed up. We'll continue to refine our technique, and work with top-notch artists to bring more awesome designs. When you're ready to upgrade from your old tighty-whities, get yourself some new men's boxer briefs online, Australia. Get yourself a pair of Stonemen.